Happy New Year 🎆

This year will be a spectacular year for all of us, yea i know I haven’t been quite consistent on here, I sincerely apologize for that. I had a lot to do during the holiday, i had little or no time to create &upload anything but I’ll try to be more frequent from now henceforth 🤗. Wow it’s 2022 already!!! I remember the year 2010, 2022 seemed so far counting the years ahead from 2010., and now 💣🧨 it’s 2022 , time really waits for no one… i wish you all the very best this year. As you make your resolutions, goals or ambitions for the year, remember to make sure they’re realistic, stay consistent and don’t sweat it. ❤️💡


I had a lot going through my mind, i had doubts & uncertainties, i wasn’t sure if this topic was right or suiting enough to be the first writeup on my blog. Part of me felt this topic has already been stretched out or over emphasized but deep down, a part me kept insisting i tell my perspective about this profound topic and also my experience.

Disclaimer; let me put out there that i am not trying to be a motivational speaker and also i am not insinuating that motivational speakers are bad or less intellectual not at all. Also ill like to put it out there that whatever points, keynotes or advice i give are just from my “point of view” and personal experiences. It’s okay if you have a different perspective ,regardless i know some or most of you will totally relate to my P.O.V. Thank you🤗

Consistency is key!

Back then when i was younger, i never really understood this adage, as i grew older i still didn’t get a clear insight on it until I graduated from the university and i started experiencing life for real! And to be frank, I’m still trying to get a hold of this ‘key’ consistency (yea I’m also writing to inspire myself too🙃). It became an interest to me when I started yearning for success and accomplishment of my goals & aspirations. I remember back then, i narrowed consistency down to only achieving academic success; scaling exams&test, always studying and participating in educational activities…and of course I realized there’s much more to consistency than just “academic success”

What is consistency though?

After ruminating on this subject matter and it’s essence in life, i came up with a definition that best explains consistency. I define “consistency” as the major tool a person (an ambitious person) needs to operate successfully in all ramification of life or being persistent/zealous about your life’s goals.

Let’s do a little exercise, now close your eyes for a minute, try to visualize the “flywheel”of a ceiling fan(that round thingy that holds the blades together) and also the blades; the flywheel can be seen as consistency, it is the major tool holding the blades together and the “blades” in this scenario can be seen as different ramification of life. This instance just further explains the definition.

Consistency is needed in an individual’s life aiming for success in the core areas of life. Some of the core areas of life are; career, academics, health, marriage/relationship,religion,entrepreneurship, actualization of dreams and so on (you can leave a comment if you think of any other aspect of life consistency is needed🤗)… consistency cuts across all of these aspects of life, it is a major tool you need to achieving the different goals all of these aspect of life requires. Ill pick three areas of life and give some insight on how consistency is relevant.

Academics: like i mentioned earlier, when i think consistency, i think academic success…well yes! Consistency is a core tool for attaining academic success. A student who strives for academic success but isn’t persistent with all the rudiments necessary to attain success in his/her academics, attaining academic success will only be a mirage. On the contrary, if that student becomes more consistent with his/her academic requirements like reading, being frequent in class & listening as well, attaining academic success is definitely guaranteed.

Career; Aiming for the best or to be the best in our various career choice, requires tenacity & constants effort(=consistency) to be at the top. To differentiate ourselves and to be an asset, we have to be consistent with self grooming or self development.

Consistency also plays a huge role in birthing our dreams and aspirations to live. Whatever our dreams and goals are, it will keep residing in our minds until we make ‘constant’ effort to birth those dreams to life (i say this to myself almost all the time LOL).All I’m trying to say in a nutshell is, being consistent with our various life’s pursuits is an essential habit we all need to cultivate to attain greater heights.

In my next blog, I’ll give important tips on how we can stay consistent. Do well to like, comment and share this post, thank you😘 #stickwithme

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Hello everyone, welcome to my space on WordPress my name is Iniobong Udofa ,i’m a linguist/Broadcast journalist/content creator and an entrepreneur 😌. Apart from all these , I’m just a young lady trying to navigate through this journey called life and from my depositions&perspectives , on this blog i will share my thoughts on various profound topics relating to different ramification of life. I’ll love you to stick with me ,like,comment & share my post…trust me it’s always going be a good read!☺️